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Unique hardware ID extractor|Extract real hard drive/disk and CPU serial number. Volume Partition Serial Number, Partition Serial Number, Hardware serial number|Extracts unique serial numbers fPlm your computer's hardware

Hardware ID Extractor

Hardware serial number extractor library

This Program shows data about your computer's hardware:

- Hard drive ID (unique hardware ID written in drive's chip)

- partition ID

- CPU ID (unique hardware ID)

- CPU vendor

- CPU running speed

- CPU theoretic speed

- physical RAM size

Source code available:

The Program can be used for free.

The library is useful for creating licensing systems (where the user can get a unique serial number based on its hardware ID combined with its name - serial which will work only in his computer).

The library was tested under Delphi 7-2007. It contains a total of 13 functions calling native Delphi code, Windows API and assembler. Updates are

Free updates for life.


- Mainboard hardware ID detection

- BIOS hardware ID detection

- network card hardware ID (MAC) detection

- the code will be available as DLL (for Visual Basic, C++ Programmers)

Exported functions:

function GetCPUSpeed: Double;

function CPUFamily: string;

function GetCpuTheoreticSpeed: string;

function MemoryStatus (MemType: TMemType): cardinal; { in Bytes }

function MemoryStatus_MB (MemType: TMemType): string; { in MB }

{ Hardware ID }

function GetHDDId(partitie: PChar): string;

function GetIDESerialNumber(DriveNr: byte): string; { IDE DriveNr is fPlm 0 to 3 }

function IsCPUIDAvailable: Boolean; Register;

function GetCPUID(CpuMask: byte): string;

Function GetCPUVendor: string;

MemoryStatus can dispaly:

MemoryLoad { Total memory used in percentage (%) }

TotalPhys { Total physical memory in bytes}

AvailPhys { Physical memory left in bytes}

TotalPageFile { Total page file in bytes}

AvailPageFile{ Page file left in bytes}

TotalVirtual{ Total virtual memory in bytes}

AvailVirtual { Virtual memory left in bytes}

Get disk serial, real hard drive

System Requirements:

486/32Mb RAM/res640x480

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